About Ryan Shattuck

Hello, my name is Ryan Shattuck. I'm an experienced social media manager and freelance writer with many years of diverse experience. I've managed social media for various projects and organizations, such as Governor Gary Johnson, the 2012 Libertarian candidate for President, and Marygrove College in Detroit. I specialize in building social media from the ground up, and reorganizing previous social media infrastructures.

I've also written a book, hosted a podcast, written countless articles, ran a couple of half-marathons, officiated a wedding, and even visited Cleveland.

Please contact me to learn how I can manage your social media jobs and projects.

I know social media

The social media I’ve written and managed has been viewed, collectively, by well over a million people. I’ve managed social media on countless platforms, whether serious or humorous, and political or non-partisan. My tweets have trended on Twitter, and my posts on Reddit have landed on the front page.

I know politics

I write opinion columns and articles about politicians. But I also write for politicians. Not only have I written on both sides of the political divide, but I’ve also ghostwritten social media for both a gubernatorial and a presidential candidate. I understand the fast-paced decision-making process that goes into politicians’ tweets, posts, and online comments.

I know satire

I believe that satire is one of the most effective ways in expressing a point. To that end, I’ve worked on a variety of satirical projects, including a book, a podcast, and several satirical columns. Adding some levity to even the most serious of political issues can increase communication and broaden a reader’s potential for understanding.