"[Ryan] has consistently shown that he combines strong communications skills, beautiful creative design talents and exceptional knowledge of the ever-changing social media environment.
-Karen Cameron, Chief Communications and Marketing Office for Marygrove College
"Gary Johnson’s social media audience is significant . . . his following [on Google+] even outpaces Mitt Romney’s"
-Forbes, November 2012 article on social media I managed for Gary Johnson
"As would be expected in a 50-state campaign, social media and Internet-based communications were critical elements of our overall communications effort. Due largely to Mr. Shattuck’s work and skills . . . we were able to create a major presence on all the major social media platforms . . . and deliver messages to literally hundreds of thousands of individuals on a daily basis. From my vantage point as Communications Director, I can directly attest to the quality and creativity of Mr. Shattuck’s efforts."
-Joe Hunter, Communications Director for Gary Johnson 2012
"Ryan is a clever and dedicated writer who consistently goes above and beyond what is asked of him . . . he regularly suggested timely, provocative and intelligent ideas for articles which he wrote in an entertaining and informative style that required very little editing."
-Carey Purcell, Editor at Politics Unlocked
"Ryan Shattuck . . . was always a pleasure to work with him, as he was reliable and hard working. Ryan [handled a] wide variety of situations with aplomb and a keen sense of humor. I am excited to see what the future will bring for Ryan, and I would recommend Ryan for employment."
-Eric Ikenouye, Manager at Salt Lake City Public Library